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Getting Started


You can either side load the application to your device from the release section or install the application from Google Play.


If you have need support for older Android 4.0 devices (those below Android 4.4), you want to use the legacy version of the application. Alternatively you can download an APK from the release section prior to release v0.8.8-beta.6

Using the App

To begin using WallPanel, you need to do two things. First enter the settings screen and reset your settings password. The default code to enter the settings is 1234. There is a floating button on the screen in the lower-right corner.

Settings Button

Once you enter the settings screen, you can change the settings code to any 4-digit code using, just remember the code will always be needed to enter the settings. Now edit the Dashboard url, this is the web site or home automation platform dashboard you want to use with the application. Note that initially, the application shows the Github page for the project.

Setting Code

You also have the option in the settings to change the location of the settings button to any of the four corners of the application, as well as make the button transparent. If you make the button transparent, you must recall the last location of the button in order to press the now invisible button on your screen.

Setting Button Options

Once you have setup the code and dashboard url, each time you enter the settings, you will be prompted to enter the code.

Settings Code